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Everest Hospitality Hotel Development

We Are With You

Through Every Phase Of The Development Process



Everest Hospitality is uniquely qualified to provide hotel pre-opening and development services.


Our clients realize significant financial benefit when Everest’s operational input is provided during the early development and construction phases when the opportunity to save money through value engineering is at its peak.


We can customize a pre-opening development services package that meets the needs of the ownership group and the project. Everest Hospitality has extensive experience in the furniture, fixture and equipment procurement process; the selection and design of hotel systems such as the phone switch, high speed internet, surveillance system, lobby music, in-room entertainment, business center computing, meeting room audio/visual and the interface with the franchisor in matters of brand standards and systems implementation.


Everest Hospitality has extensive experience in the human resource functions of a lodging operation. We can assist with the creation of job descriptions, hiring practices, checklists, training programs, counseling procedures, wage structures, benefit programs and the selection process for the hotel’s management team. Our assistance can also include providing templates for important HR documents such as the employee handbook.


Every hotel project is unique and has unique needs in the early development and pre-opening phase. We stand ready to customize a proposal that supplements the talent and operational skill of the ownership group to place the new hotel in the best possible position for financial success. And, in today’s travel economy there’s little room for error. Please contact us to determine how Everest Hospitality can make a difference in the success of your project.


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